Sunday social meetup

We’ll be holding our monthly meetup this Sunday, November 3, at 1:30 PM. It’ll be in our usual spot, and you can get details and RSVP on the event page on Facebook. This meeting, and next month’s, are important to attend if you are at all concerned with the Libertarian Party of Douglas County or libertarians in this county in general.

December elections

Mimi and Eunice - 'Political office is for the elite'
On Sunday we’ll discuss our path going forward, and invite members to stand for office in elections at our December meeting. We have operated for quite some time with only one officer, our current chair, who will step down following the December meeting.

There is a lot we can accomplish in Douglas with only a small group and a limited commitment of time. But we will not accomplish anything without willingness on the parts of at least a few members to step up and show up, and put in a little time every month. While I am grateful for the few who’ve volunteered for specific tasks – they’ve helped make things more manageable for one person – we must have a committed chair, and an equally dedicated vice chair and secretary/social secretary. If we can’t produce such a team from among our ranks, and support them if we ourselves aren’t officers, then we have no business being a party affiliate and we’ll dissolve the organization.

Are you a member?

Those of you who received this post via our e-mail announcements list will see an accompanying update indicating your membership status, and can join or update via the provided links. We tend to be an informal bunch, eschewing rules and requirements. However, when it comes to voting and making decisions, it’s important for the integrity of the organization that those steering it have, at minimum, said ‘Yes, I am a member of the Libertarian Party of Douglas County.’ As the one who maintains the membership and e-mail list, I can tell you that most of you are not members.

What is required to become a member? It’s pretty simple. Live in Douglas, be a libertarian (i.e., oppose the use of force for political and social ends), and fill out a very short form. If you’re not in Douglas you can still be a member – just ask. We are not collecting any dues or fees. The information stays in our e-mail database and isn’t shared with anyone (voluntarily, anyway).

Hope to see a lot of you Sunday. Don’t forget to RSVP. We always seem to be able to accommodate everyone despite the limited space, but let’s not make it an impossible task.


Monday October 7th: A local politics trifecta

The Libertarian Party of Douglas County will get together this coming Monday, October 7th, for an evening of observation and scrutinization of aspiring and elected local politicians, followed by a meeting of the Douglas County chapter of Minarchists Anonymous (the Anarchists were invited but refused to be organized).

Just kidding about the 12-step meeting, but if you’re trying to recover from the effects of Big Government, we’re here for ya. Join us for all or part of the evening, and find details and maps via our event calendar. The agenda will be as follows:

jldc-candidate-forumGet Involvedirish-bred-pub

Our next meetup

Burke's GrillThe owners of Burke’s Grill, our usual meeting spot, have had a death in the family and the restaurant will be closed on October 6th, our next scheduled meeting day. Our condolences go out to the Burkes; they’ve been great hosts and we’re sorry they’ve suffered the loss of a loved one.

As for Douglas Libertarians, we’ve had our meeting schedule scrambled a bit for the last few months due to holidays and vacations, so I’m hesitant to scrap a get-together for a third month if there’s interest.

Let us know what’s on your mind by taking the poll below. One vote per person (unless you want to use different browsers but that’s a bit much, right?), but you can select all the choices that appeal to you. The poll will close one week from today.