The Libertarian Party of Douglas County believes all people should be free to make their own choices, even if we personally disagree with them, as long as those choices do not deprive another of his or her rights. We believe government should exist and act only so far as necessary to protect individual rights. And, we think our county and city governments overstep their rightful bounds daily – usually with little to no pushback.

We’d like to see that change.

While we as individuals are concerned about all levels of government, as a group we confine our efforts to Douglas County. This local focus means:

  • Limited issues so we can stay better informed about each one;
  • We’re working to influence things that more directly impact our daily lives;
  • Knowing the players and making sure that they know us.

Our monthly social meetups are open to anyone, and are held the afternoon of the first Sunday of each month. For details on upcoming meetups and other events, please check our calendar.